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Occupational Health & Safety

The CWC is committed to ensuring that all clubs have suitable Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures in place.

Why have OH&S Policies and procedures?


  • Legal responsibilities

  • Moral responsibilities

  • Ensure the club can obtain public liability insurance


Legally we are obliged to provide a safe environment for the members of the club, visitors to the club and the general public.


Morally we make our clubs safe because it is the right thing to do.


Understandably, insurance companies want to reduce insurance claims and in the event of an insurance claim, they want to be able to defend the club and themselves legally. Insurance companies are increasingly demanding that clubs have documents and records to demonstrate they are actively engaged and across OH&S issues.


All clubs currently actively engage in OH&S procedures and do it very well. A lot of the time we do this informally. Our OH&S project essentially involves making all our OH&S activities formal, keeping records of our OH&S activities and keeping our policies and procedures current in a manner that’s simple, logical efficient and satisfies the needs of State and Territory Laws and National Laws.

Whilst there are many similarities, each club operates differently.  The OH&S policy and procedures developed by each club should be designed to suit the activities of that club, and the approval of those procedures is self governing by individual clubs. 

A number of documents may be provided to assist clubs in establishing and maintaining their OH&S policy and procedures.  If you would like a copy of these documents or if we can be of any assistance, please contact us by email or using the contact form below. 

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